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Admission Policy

Admission Policy Students regarded as suitable candidates will be interviewed. This interview may take place in this school or in any other SABIS® school in any country.

Children applying for Level A (Pre-KG) to Level C (KG2) will also be interviewed.

The interview will not be administered until all the required documents are submitted.

Parents will be invited to register once results are given.

The school does not guarantee or reserve places. Places are guaranteed only when the required fees are paid i.e. when parents are committed. Parents who delay registration may find no places available when they come to register.

» For students who wish to use the school bus, a map showing clearly the location of residence is available.

Some candidates may find that student expectations in our system vary from those of other schools in the region. Our system places considerable emphasis on student accountability, responsibility, and respect of self and others. Thus, our system strives to enforce discipline in the school in order to facilitate student learning and promote good manners. Students who are used to more liberal systems need to adapt our code of behavior, discipline, and general appearance.