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Transfer from ISC

Transfer from ISC When students leave ISC, they are provided with a school-leaving report and a grades certificate. Some schools offer placement tests but our students usually pass with high honors. In addition, they usually perform very well in their new schools. The following two letters illustrate this point:

Anne Kanderian, Student

Anne Kanderian, who was a student in Grade 11 and her brother in Grade 10 when they had to emigrate permanently to the USA, joined 12 Grade in a very selective school in the USA and wrote:

Dear Mr. Germanos,

I hope that you are fine and have enjoyed your holidays. How is Choueifat doing? I am sure that everything is well, especially with the prefect system.
Sami and I are doing well at school. It is not that hard, and I feel that the work load is quite light. I am currently taking two AP courses, one in Physics and the other in Calculus. The semester is going to end shortly and I still have not taken anything new in either subject. It is a definite advantage, but I feel that so far it is a waste of time. Although in Choueifat my expertise was math and not physics, my physics teacher claims that I am the best student he has ever had in his whole seventeen years of teaching. I thank the International School of Choueifat for that.
At school, I met the representative from Rice University. I mentioned to her that there were graduates from the International School of Choueifat who have attended Rice. She amazed me by already knowing that.

I gained a lot from being a student in The International School of Choueifat. If I could have had it my way, I would have stayed there to continue my schooling. It has been a pleasure learning there and I will never forget the times that I have had. Please give my regards to everybody there. Once again, thank you for all that you have done for me.
Yours sincerely, Anne Kanderian

From the Headmaster of St. Anne's School, Windermere, Cumbria, UK

Dear Head teacher:

I thought that I should write and let you know that Sarah Packer has settled in wonderfully well and we are delighted to have her with us at St Anne's.
Not only is Sarah an asset to us, but she is also a great credit to you and your staff.