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Approach to Education

Approach to Education We consider the school as a dynamic team. Administrators, teachers, and students are all active members of this team. Everyone has a job to do and everyone is accountable. Administrators, students and staff work together with the help of technology to discover and fill gaps. It is this teamwork together with the SABIS® Educational System that allows our students to reach heights that are difficult to reach otherwise.

Central to the SABIS® approach is the mission to help each student realize his/her full potential. This mission, coupled with tried and tested methodologies that maximize learning, SABIS® draws on a structured program that emphasizes effective teaching, timely follow-up, and active student participation.

Starting at Grade 3, courses specify a minimum number of units of information or "concepts" that students need to learn. This minimum includes the simple concepts tested by the SABIS AMS® as well as Basic Questions, which test the material that "everyone should know". In addition, courses include "Challenge Questions" for more able students.

To maximize understanding of the material, students are shown how to study and those who need support are encouraged to stay for after-school study, where they receive clear guidance. Past experiences have shown that students have benefited greatly from after-school study.