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School as a Family

School as a Family Homs ISC Homs is a close-knit community where administrators, teachers, and students enjoy a positive and respectful relationship. Every student in the school has the support of their extended school family. Whether needing academic assistance or personal advice, students are provided with the helping hand of the school faculty and SLO™ in every aspect of their school life. This fosters a friendly and caring atmosphere throughout the school where students feel supported at all times.

Contributing to this atmosphere is the multi-cultural student body that characterizes all SABIS® schools. This cultural diversity provides students with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of human nature and open up to other cultures.

To maintain a strong school community and promote our cultural diversity, ISC Homs organizes culture days on which students of different nationalities bring into focus various aspects of their culture. In our shrinking world, people who develop an understanding of other cultures are more likely to be successful and happy than people who limit their experiences.