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Testing and Monitoring

Testing and Monitoring Continuous evaluation of student learning is an integral part of the instructional process in the SABIS® Educational System. Frequent and regular testing is conducted in order to evaluate student learning and permit timely, positive intervention. Testing students as such has a number of very important advantages:

  1. » students are trained to perform well under pressure
  2. » students develop the ability to focus and sustain concentration for increasingly long periods
  3. » the feedback from testing allows close monitoring and follow-up

The proprietary SABIS® Software Systems provide many programs that allow prompt, reliable assessment of student knowledge and effective follow-up. One such program, the SABIS Academic Monitoring System® (SABIS® AMS™), is used to assess student knowledge of every concept taught. The SABIS® AMS™ allows 'gaps' in student knowledge to be pinpointed as soon as they form. Working as a team, teachers and students then focus their efforts on 'filling the gaps'. The SABIS® AMS™ allows the progress of every student to be continuously monitored, problem areas to be identified, and the most appropriate solutions to be implemented.